Blocks before Props (Bro Bots level dev)

Hey everyone! I’m sure everyone’s aware that gameplay should come before graphics, so i just wanted to show a little bit of the process behind making a level in bro bots. First thing that is important in a platformer is the level layout and the control of how the player jumps. So using basic blocks to plan out the level, i can get a rough idea where all the environment models are gonna go and how high the play needs to jump.  In the first video.

This was what the basic prototype looked like. From that point I decided that the player should be a robot defending a giant industrial city. Before that I really had no idea how this game was going to look, that way i could make sure the controls are tight and the environment would be the right size for navigation. As seen in the second video.

As of right now 2 more levels planned as well as a arcade mode. I hope you all enjoy the game, and I welcome any feedback! :)

Mar 18, 2018

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