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It was interesting to say the least. The sharp camera view change threw me off a little bit though.

appreciate the feed back and I'm glad you enjoyed!! Plan on doing a update of the demo to better demonstrate some of the mechanics this weekend. Stayed tuned!

Full critique/review at the end! =)

Appreciate the feed back! I'll probably keep the camera angle, though they could use some spit shine and polish. I work on those other points though, thanks again!

I absolutely love it! it is such a good little experience and I can't wait to see what you do with it, it truly is games as Art! thank you for sharing!


Thanks! Really appreaciate the support and feed back.  Prob gonna use that video on the game page if that's ok with you.( there IS a little more to the demo then what's in the video for anyone who's curious)

I would be honored! 
I thought there might be more, but I like to leave a little for people who want to play the game themselves :)

Hey man, was wondering if you would like to try out what I'm currently working on, it's a similar type of game, but it has more influence from resident evil and fnaf. Let me know if you're interested cause I really like the style of your lets plays!

I'd love to try it out!

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I put up a demo for the new project. Give er a play, let me know if your interested in it and Ill send you the full version for a lets play.(Full game wont be done until this weekend) (PS love your content man, your a funny guy.)


I tried but didn't make a video.