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This game totally exceeded my expectations. I absolutely loved it! 

This game was awesome! I got all the endings. Thanks for the experience!

Beautiful game!

can confirm they are arms lmao

I love the hand drawn art style of the game and the simple yet creepy story. Keep up the good work Dev. 


My Gameplay of GoodBoy1.0.1 (Ending 1 - 3) Gameplay With Commentary

Thank you, Mom

Good boy! It's kinda of okay until grandma showed up. There's something wrong with grandma... I really am trying to protect the animals in this game. Well... Happy birthday!

the stabs flush red as the cake makes for an escape through scrawled doors

the cats meow purpose seems to know fates of family two dimensional features

choices leading directly towards missing ending potentials, as a 4th ending succeeding as boy with cake after the events...sequel proposed as conclusion or expansion of desiring cake filled with bloody cat guts

Great Game. The art style is amazing.

Actually played this on my birthday, I liked it and the plot at the very end was good.

very nice story!! I really had fun!

me encanto, espero feliz el dos:)

Dude it wont let me play the game. All i can do is downlode i

have you extracted the compressed folder?

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yep. Ill try agian latter tho

had a lot of fun playing!

really enjoyed the game. really fun stuff cant wait to try out your other projects

Enjoyed Playing It! : Check Out My Video!

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First Vid of The Channel (Good Boy)

Nice game !

Loved this game! It was fun, and the endings were great. I liked that you had to wait to get the third one since it had all the backstory associated with it. Thanks so much for sharing!

Omg I loved this game cant wait


The art is really interesting!!! and cute, in some way. It's so cool how it can be both really lovely and upsetting/scary at the same time. It would have been cool if there was a little more explanation about the story itself! But that's okay! It's a pretty cool game.


poor kitty :(


ATTENTION: No real cats where harmed in the making of this game.

=_=.... I like this graphic, but i don't like kill morther or grandmorther... :( thank you for this game !
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Thank you Grandma for showing me my True potential.

This was a good  game,  Somehow  managed to get the endings a weird order... Though it was very enjoyable experience.

so i saw Mark play this game a bit ago, and i love the main theme for it (not the birthday theme, but the background song), may i ask where its from or if theres an mp3 i could have? Id greatly appreciate it

I can try and post a sound track for the game if you’d like

i would ask that you would maybe on soundcloud, and loopable.. I had the same predicament with FAITH (religion pixel horror game) with an amazing soundtrack, just no way to publicly listen to it..

good but scary

I'm not a Good Boy :(

Finished this and thought it was ok. Was only only after going for all the other endings did you get to see the work that went into this. Turned ok into a great game and well worth a play. Good job... :)

F this i can even open the gam

Your game starts at 00:00. Excellent game. Loved the art style and dark story unfolding. We played all the endings but recorded only the first. Fantastic story telling. Look forward to more from you!

This was a really fun game! loved everything about it from all the different endings to the artwork and all the choices you have to make! i would recommend this to everybody! keep up the great work!


Literally such an amazing game I love everything about it. The art style is an amazing choice makes everything seem childish/pos

The endings are amazing and I love how the 3rd ending appears when you get the other 2! 

One bug I found which was pretty annoying is that the text just disappears. I could interact with an item and not be able to read what it says.

It's a really interesting and good looking game and I like that it has multiple endings 

I tried to be the best boy~


Absoltutly loved this! Got all the endings playing with a friend, and it was really cool!

so bad..... My lovely cat...

Played this game for my birthday and it was a blast all the way through. I love the art style and the story kept me engaged throughout each ending. The only issue I faced was occasionally the text would disappear prematurely while inspecting an object. Would definitely recommend this game to anyone willing to spend some time with it.

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