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You wake up and it is your birthday! Time to play with your toys your pets and eat your special birthday dinner! Remember you deserve it because your a good boy ;)

Good Boy is a first person narrative game with a hand drawn textures, and 3 endings I wanted to release for October so I hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!





---Install instructions---

Download Goodboy.

Extract the folder

Click on the Good Boy application to start the game.


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Pros and cons are down below)

Check out my video here if you'd like:


1. The style is unique and lovely. It's not really scary but very adorable. I wish the grandma would look a bit creepier though.

2. I love that the game has different endings. That is a very nice touch. The thing that is especially good is that all endings add to the story and explain it to the player which is a very nice reward for replaying the game.


1. Sometimes the text is not going through or stops mid-sentence. I don't know why that is happening, I think it depends on how far you are from the stuff that triggers text.

2. The waiting for the mother part is pretty annoying when replaying. Maybe it would be nice to let the player skip ahead upon replaying or something like that.


That was a very nice experience, I enjoyed it greatle and would rate the game 8.3 toybox demons / 10.

Hope my feedback was useful!

Veja a gameplay completa do jogo de terror indie infantil GOOD BOY da Itch.io com 3 finais diferentes com graficos desenhados parecido de papel. Se inscreva no meu canal, curta, compartilhe e ativa o sininho.

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Had so much fun playing this love the art 10/10 would play again! 

What a great little game I loved the Art style Keep up the amazing work! 

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wonderful game, and your art style is amazing, i loved it. 💖

this was pretty good! im glad i did all the endings! the last ending was the best! also love the art style!

loved this Game the art style was so so awsome, literally great Job, got all 3 endings!!

i love this game not gonna lie, i was ready for jump scares but turns out there's none. But i'm still scared of red doors, never trust red doors in the end of a hallway, but overall, this is a very good game. A psychological one :D

h, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

This game is just too good to be free lol. The art work, the music, the plot. This game is just soo good. Really really enjoyed this game that i ended up doing all 3 ending. You did an amazing job developer. Thumbs up from me. 

Going down as one my favorites from itch. Your art style is absolutely phenomenal. It's a literal masterpiece and I loved it very much. I look forward to more from you.

It's really good for a short horror/thriller game. It's not exactly the type of game to have a bunch of jumpscares or you'll end up screaming at, but it's the type of game where you know something bad is about to happen.

Hey! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 7:08! Hope you enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!

killing the mother was the saddest shit ever, but the rest is pretty cool no lie!

Played this on my /actual/ birthday and was a surreal experience, interesting dynamic and artistically wonderful piece :)

Soon I will upload ending 2 and 3 as well I must say the game is actually pretty good it really surprised me I am looking forward for more games from you 

Very good game, Think i got a bad ending tho:)

Short but not bad at all. Definitely liked the artstyle the game had. Didn't do all the ending though. Made a video on it.

i was thinking there was a secret ending but I was wrong lol 

Absolutely amazing!  Had an awesome experience from start to finish! So twisted, but yet, sweet haha I definitely appreciate the style and how much more work that may be.  Can't wait to play more!

Great work!

is there s secret fourth ending????

Después de este juego he ido a abrazar a mis gatos! Muy bueno!
After playing this game I have gone to hug my cats ! Really nice!

This was awesome! I LOVED this game. The hand drawn graphics were so gorgeous and the story line was so so fascinating! Awesome game 10/10 highly recommend!

im not sure what i was expecting the 3rd ending to be but it wasn't this lol

I really like the Game! The athmosphere is crazy good!

On a sidenote; in Grandmaws room, the front wall (where the door is) is walkthrough. You can fall off the map there and get stuck in the nothing :D

horror game

The art style, interactions, and secrets in this game are amazing. I can't believe how much fun it was. 

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The game start at 15:11. THIS IS FASCINATING!!! I actually super really love the game!!! Even though I only get one ending, I understand what the stories is. good game and can't wait for your next project!!!

Love from Malaysia.

I got all 3 endings even though I felt like a monster for killing the cats though 😅

I really loved the art!

I really liked this game. The art style is amazing and it's very creative in the way it tells its story. So much about the presentation elevated it above the normal indie horror games I've played. I particularly liked the disjointed piano keys that signified each character's "voices". It's the perfect mix of being kind of jovial and silly but also creepy and unsettling.

I felt quite bad for you since Mark only played one ending (and not even ending 1) and then abandoned it without even seeing half of the game. Especially since you clearly intended someone to play all 3 endings. I was quite surprised by how much additional work and content went into the last one and there was clearly a lot of care put into the experience as a whole.

But because I genuinely like it so much and see a lot of potential in your game development I also have some (hopefully) constructive criticisms I've gathered while playing through it.

The first, is the reason I suspect Mark didn't play to see all the endings. I think having the player wait during every single playthrough when they're supposed to play it at least three times can get pretty tedious. Some way to skip these waiting sequences (the one with mom and the one with grandma) after the first playthrough would've greatly increased the experience and would also actually encourage someone to see all the endings.

The second point is going to sound a bit mean but I think it would be a good idea to have someone proofread your text. There were a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes that can make it difficult to read quickly and (in my opinion) just generally weigh down an otherwise great presentation.

Lastly, I've encountered a few bugs as well. There's obviously the softlock Mark found (which probably also contributed to him not finishing the game) but there is also a wall in grandma's room that you can walk through so you fall down the map and have to restart again. While being more minor than the other two, the text sometimes disappearing mid-sentence is another one of those problems that would really make the game feel more polished and improve the player experience if fixed.

But I really don't want these (relatively minor) criticisms to overshadow how much I enjoyed this. Many indie horror games have such problems but I truly believe that this is a lot more special than your average jumpscare fest.

Like I said, I loved the presentation of it and I hope you put all of this creative energy you clearly have into other amazing projects in the future. :)

I'm surprised I did the "good ending" (3 of 3) first try! great style and atmosphere!

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I want more games from you it's amazing... 

But I want more understandable plot


My brain has made a dumb joke ending idea where you just cut the cake.

The art style was incredible. I really loved this game. And I got all three endings! Beautiful. Love love loved it! More, please!

Found a bug.. when in grandmaws room, if you hug the walls in the darkness you fall out of the map and have to close the game to restart

an awsome Game I absolutely loved it and got all 3 endings ;) the art style was absolutely beautiful

Adorei o game e fiz uma gameplay com 2 finais, recomendo muito

parabéns aos desenvolvedores por um ótimo trabalho!

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