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====[MISSION BRIEFING]====                

           A top secret research facility located in [REDACTED]  has been compromised all personal aboard are presumed dead. You, Clone 04 Amy, have been selected by the [REDACTED] to carry out the RED PURGE protocol and destroy the base.  The base is likely compromised by multiple [REDACTED], lethal force is authorized.  


    Red Purge is a survival horror game where you have to explore a space station and rig it to blow, all the while dealing with things lurking in the darkness. Can you survive this mission?

  ===Welcome to the Red site===

  • Explore the Red Site space station and figure out how it all went wrong.
  • Fight horrible experiments that roam the halls of the space station, each featuring a unique AI.
  •  A hand drawn aesthetic that plasters the walls of the space station. 

[//:Field Operation Guide] [//Controls//]

    • Left Click-Shoot
    • Right Click-interact
    • Left Shift-Sprint
    • F-Flash light module
    • Q-Punch
    • TAB-Heal
    • WASD-Move
    • Space-Jump

[Installation Instructions]

  • Extract Redpurge.zip
  • Open the game folder
  • Click on Red Purge.exe to run that game
  • Have fun! 


Art, Design, and Programming: Josh Wakin

Music Composer and Audio advisor: Anthony Mays

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Fantastic Visuals & Art Style, Really Enjoyed It.

I Love That There Is Some Lore In The Game. There Is Potential To Build A Richly Crafted Universe. I Would Love To See A Sequel & Find Out More About Subject X. 

Great Work Josh & Anthony. 

Here Is Playthrough. Enjoy!. 

Im so glad you enjoyed :)

Amazing game! I love your art style, it really adds a unique and distinctive quality to your games. I had a lot of fun in this playthrough, the increase in pressure as we released more experiments was well done and definitely had me paying attention to sound cues to identify where the threats were. 

Not sure if the 'X marks the spot' note at the end is a 2nd ending, but I tried hunting around for it to no luck. 

I'm looking forward to your next game!  

This game was relentless! I did glitch through the wall where you pick up the purple key (10:15 Timestamp). Tough game! 

Amazing game definitely looking forward for more of your games

The game's really fun and I like how you had unique enemies to keep you on your toes. I just wish there was checkpoints after you got the other 2 floppy disk. But besides that, not bad.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont

Absolutely love the art style and how each enemy was unique enough. Late in the game it gets pretty hectic as I tried to escape but it was a lot of fun.

Falling through the floor(maybe cause the flashlight was off at that moment). Can't give a good rate. Need to urgent fix.

Sorry to hear that, can u be more specific where your falling through the floor at?

nice shooter

This was good!

i love it when someone makes a survival horror game with combat and tries to have a unique standout look you sir have my respects for not making a walking simulator for a horror game.